Decades with art. Jewish Architects in Poland 1918-1939

2022-04-25, 12:00 a.m.

When Poland regained independence in 1918, it was faced with the need to carry out intensive modernization processes and significant economic and social transformations. These changes were also clearly visible in the urban and architectural fabric.


Works were carried out not only in large cities such as Katowice, Warsaw, or Poznań. Also smaller centers, such as Stalowa Wola or Mościce, became the arena for intensive construction works.


The next lecture in the 'Decades with Art' series will remind of the exhibition 'World before the catastrophe. Żydzi krakowscy w dwudziestoleciu międzywojennym" ("World Before the Catastrophe. (2007). The classes will be devoted to Jewish architects and women architects active in Poland in the interwar years, and the lecture will discuss the work of such figures as Henryk Lewinson, Henryk Hirszenberg, Eliza Unger, Henryk Bekker, Rela Schmeidler, Edward Kreisler and Alfreda Düntuch.

We invite you to the on-line meeting (in polish) via the Zoom platform on April 25 at 12.00. Participation in the lecture is free of charge. To receive a link to participate, please send an application to the following e-mail address:

Dr Małgorzata Jędrzejczyk - art historian, curator. She studied art history at the Jagiellonian University, Universität Wien and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. A graduate of the interdisciplinary study programme Environment-Technology-Society (Jagiellonian University). Author of academic papers on art and architecture of the 20th century, as well as essays in exhibition catalogues and magazines. Co-editor of the anthology of texts, obraz/ciało, and the publication „Komponowanie przestrzeni. Rzeźby awangardy”. Co-author and curator of the artistic and scientific programme Exercising Modernity (Pilecki-Institut Berlin). As part of her doctoral dissertation prepared at the Institute of Art History of the Jagiellonian University, she conducts research on the concept of space in the work of Katarzyna Kobro.

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