The exhibition "Unwanted Capital" receives the Radio Krakow Brand


The International Cultural Centre has received the Radio Krakow Brand - a prestigious award for the best cultural event - for the exhibition 'Unwanted Capital. The architecture and urban planning of Krakow during the German occupation in 1939-1945.

The exhibition shows the change which the city underwent during the short period of forced capitalisation. The time of German occupation from 1939 to 1945 is unambiguously associated in Poland with the Nazi policy of genocide. The fate of Krakow became part of this criminal plan, and the city was put to a special test at the same time. Designated by Adolf Hitler as the capital of the General Government, it was soon to be transformed into a model German city in the East. The aim of the Nazi officials was not only to transfer to the Vistula River the Nazi model of rebuilding large cities in the spirit of the Third Reich - for them architecture was a tool to strengthen the policy of depolish Krakow.

The Radio Krakow Brand was awarded by a jury composed of: Magdalena Huzarska-Szumiec (Kraków i Świat monthly), Łukasz Gazur (TVP Kultura), Krzysztof Glondys (Telewizja Polska), Joanna Targoń (Gazeta Wyborcza, Didaskalia) and Justyna Nowicka.

The exhibition "Unwanted Capital" can be seen at the MCK, 25 Rynek Główny until the 5th of June 2022.

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