Exhibition of Leon Getz's works in Sanok


The Royal Castle in Sanok is hosting an exhibition of works by Leon Getz until May 8, 2022. The curator of the exhibition is Dr. Irina Gakh from the Lviv Picture Gallery, who in 2020 was a scholarship holder of the Thesaurus Poloniae program, and during her stay in Krakow she prepared a bilingual monograph on the life and works of Leon Getz.


Leon Getz is a Polish-Ukrainian painter and graphic artist and teacher. Born in 1896 in Lvov, he became strongly attached to Krakow - he first studied and then worked at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. Between 1956 and 1964 he made over 150 drawings depicting the architecture of Cracow and donated them to the Cracow Historical Museum. He also devoted a large part of his life to Sanok, where an exhibition of his works is being held for the next month. Getz was a teacher in a junior high school and in the Female Teachers' Seminary. In 1930 he founded the Lemkivshchyna Museum in Sanok and between 1939 and 1944 he was the director of the museum in the Sanok castle,

The exhibition at the Royal Castle features 30 oil paintings by Leon Getz from the collections of the Historical Museum and Folk Architecture Museum in Sanok.

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