Collection of ICC publications in Polona


The International Cultural Centre is one of the first cultural institutions engaged in research work to make its publications available in Polona, Poland's largest and most modern digital library.


Thanks to this, the access to the publications of the ICC is easier for researchers from other cities and countries who are eager to use the books of the ICC in their projects. It is also an option for those who cannot currently use the collection of the ICC Library, closed until further notice due to modernization works.


Thanks to the cooperation with the National Library, in 2021 the ICC's virtual book collection devoted to the broadly defined heritage of Central Europe was enlarged by new publications. Currently, the collection of ICC publications in Polona includes over 100 items (the full list is available on the Polona website ).


A complete set of the "ICC Yearbook" documenting our activities (Polish and English versions) has been distributed to a wide audience (Polish and English versions), a three-volume bibliography of ICC publications from 1991-2015, several books written or edited by the originator and long-time ICC director Professor Jacek Purchla (including "How Modern Krakow Was Built", "The International Cultural Centre. The Beginning", or a monograph on the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow), materials from academic sessions at the ICC ("Nations and Stereotypes", "Around Matejko", "Art around 1900 in Central Europe"), catalogs of exhibitions presented at the ICC (including "The Architecture of Lvov of the 19th Century", "Facing Thanatos"), as well as catalogs of exhibitions of the winners of the International Graphic Arts Triennial held at the ICC Gallery.

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