Call for applications for the Kazimiera Bujwidowa Award


We would like to announce the opening of the submission process of candidates for the Kazimiera Bujwidowa Award for outstanding women from Krakow. Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik, director of the International Cultural Centre, is a member of the Jury.

This special award was established by the Krakow City Council in December 2021. The distinction will be awarded each year to four women whose acts and achievements have a significant impact on the reality around us. Awards will be granted to the women from Krakow who create innovative projects, work to empower women in the labour market, are involved in the life of local communities, are a model for the young generation, and inspire others with their civic initiatives.

All adult citizens of Krakow, male and female, are welcome to submit candidates for the Kazimiera Bujwidowa Award (the person proposing a candidate cannot be a candidate for the award at the same time). Proposals of candidates for the "Kazimiera Bujwidowa Award”A.D. 2021 should be submitted through an application form by February 28, 2022. Forms should be delivered to the Department of Social Policy and Health of the Krakow Municipal Office, at Dekerta 24, 30-703 Kraków or to the e-mail address:



The jury selecting candidates for the Kazimiera Bujwidowa Award will be assessing the candidate’s:

• significant impact on the surrounding reality and the field of activity,

• commitment to work for equality,

• period of activity,

• effects and scope of activities,

• innovation and variety of activities undertaken.


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