Poland – India. Cultural heritage of cities


On February 2 Łukasz Galusek, Deputy Director for Programme Policy at the International Cultural Centre, and Dr. Michał Wiśniewski will be the guests of a webinar dedicated to the research on the cultural heritage of cities in Poland and India.


During the webinar, Łukasz Galusek and Michał Wiśniewski will present two types of cultural heritage of Polish cities on the example of Krakow and Katowice. Krakow, representing the continuity and long existence of Polish culture, rich with historic buildings and symbols, will be juxtaposed with Katowice, a city that is geographically close and yet so different in its character. In this context, Katowice, with its industrial heritage, exemplifies the dynamic change that took place in Central Europe in connection with the development of industry in the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as in the 21st century due to the post-industrial transformation. Specialists from India, Professor Mohan Gupta and Professor Binda Paranjape, will similarly compare and contrast Ujjain and Varanasi. These two ancient Indian cities are unique for their character and spirit – yet they constitute an integral part of modern India.


The webinar is a continuation of the longterm cooperation between the International Cultural Centre and India. In 2008, a memorandum was signed in Krakow on the cooperation between the ICC and INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) in matters of research and education, the purpose of which is to undertake joint activities for research and education in the field of protection and management of cultural and natural heritage. In 2010, a study visit of a 5-person delegation of Indian conservators and educators took place; a pilot programme involving the exchange of experiences and good practices related to the management and protection of heritage in Poland and India. In 2011, a visit of the Polish delegation to India took place, and in 2012, a study visit of five INTACH representatives in Poland and Slovakia.


The event is organised by the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Kolkata Joydeep Roy and the Asiatic Society in Kolkata. The guest will also be the Polish Ambassador to India, Professor Adam Burakowski.

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