“Babi Yar – from the Holocaust to the present day"

2022-01-04, 6:00 p.m.
The massacre of the Jewish population in Babi Yar took place in 1941, but in the post-war period the victims were not commemorated, and a waste disposal site was created nearby. At present, efforts are being made to preserve the memory of the event, coming with diverse visions regarding the issues of the way of commemorating it, and the sources of its financing. Different factions, associations and concepts collide. The plan to build a large Holocaust museum is called by some Putin’s “Trojan Horse”, or the Disneyland of the Holocaust, by others it is genuinely anticipated. How to navigate in this situation? How to separate the necessity to preserve memory from the present political circumstances?

Guests: Adam Balcer, Anna Wylegała, Edyta Gawron
Host: Paulina Małochleb

Meeting will be held in Polish. 

Adam Balcer – political scientist, cultural anthropologist, researcher, journalist. Author of the book “Turcja, Wielki Step i Europa Środkowa” [Turkey, the Great Steppe and Central Europe], published by the ICC.

Edyta Gawron – researcher, historian specialising in the contemporary history of Jews. Visiting fellow researcher at the Yad Vashem (International Institute for Holocaust Research in Jerusalem) and the US Department of State (US Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program). Author of “Kraków — czas okupacji 1939-45” [Krakow - occupation time 1939-45], among others.

Anna Wylegała – sociologist, assistant professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Author of the book “Przesiedlenia a pamięć. Studium (nie)pamięci społecznej na przykładzie ukraińskiej Galicji i polskich „Ziem Odzyskanych””, co-editor of the volume “The Burden of the Past: History, Memory, and Identity in Contemporary Ukraine”.

Paulina Małochleb – literary critic and researcher. Author of the book “Przepisywanie historii” [Rewriting History] about literature dedicated to the January Uprising. Winner of the 2014 Prime Minister's Award. Author of the blog ksiazkinaostro.pl.
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