"Herito, No. 44: Austria"

A new, winter issue of the quarterly "HERITO" devoted to Austria, its culture, art and social issues has been launched. Although there is no common Polish-Austrian border, we are still connected by the memory of the common past of the Imperial-Royal Monarchy.

We look at Austria through rose-colored glasses as a country where everyone loves waltzes, Mozart, Sacher cake, coffee, schnitzel and beer, albeit in a different order. Meanwhile, we are forgetting how geographically, culturally and identically diverse the country is, stretched between two lakes - Neusiedl and Constance. The landscape diversity is enhanced by mountainous Carinthia and lowland Burgenland, regions with a large percentage of national minorities. Austria did not appear ready-made on the map of Europe, but gradually built its identity and sculpted its shape. In the 20th century, the Austrian had to shed the skin of the "man without qualities" and, as it were, reinvented himself.

Number 44 "HERITO" available in the bookstore.
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