"Ukraine after hours: Conquests, conflicts and wars - microhistory"

2021-12-14, 6:00 p.m.
Ukraine after hours: Conquests, conflicts and wars - microhistory
We invite you on December 14 at 6 p.m. for an online speech by Joanna Majewska, who will talk about one of the eight leading themes of the exhibition “Ukraine. A different angle on neighbourhood”- conquests.

One of the chapters of the exhibition tells about the change of optics in looking at wars and conflicts. The common man appears in the center of attention, and his life is marked by politics and great history. The works of contemporary Ukrainian artists Nikita Kadan, Włada Rałko, Lija Dostlewej, Oleh Czorny, Yuri Solomko and Alevtyna Kachidze comment on current and historical conflicts, directing our attention to man and his private life, emotions and experiences, and clearly, even painfully, indicate topicality. this issue.

The event will be broadcast on the ICC profile on Facebook and Instagram, and later available on YouTube.
Joanna Majewska - Ukrainian translator and educator. A graduate of Ukrainian Philology and Ukrainian Studies, currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Philology. He deals with Lviv scientifically and he is addicted to storytelling.
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