"Radio Kraków Brand" for the ICC

Radio Kraków Brand for the ICC
The September Brand of Radio Krakow - a prestigious distinction for the best cultural event of the month - went to the Ukraine. A different angle on neighbourhood exhibition. The jurors emphasized the importance of the project, presenting a visual self-portrait of our neighbors and the contemporary cultural context of mutual Polish-Ukrainian relations.

The exhibition was appreciated by the critics of the most important Krakow media mainly due to its multi-layered narrative and the broad context of the story. The myth-creating themes of the Cossacks and Sarmatians, the Ukrainian hut, the endless steppes, the issue of statehood and the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war in the Donbas have been collected in a very interesting way in the gallery space. - This exhibition shows very well, with all its plethora of threads, the convergence of stories that have often crossed each other, extremely interesting visual voices, which, despite the contact, are extremely separate - said Łukasz Gazur from the TVP Kultura editorial office.

The viewer coming to the exhibition with specific expectations resulting from its title will be surprised. - The exhibition shows how strong the contemporary art of our neighbors is and speaks in a definitely different language than the newest Polish art - Justyna Nowicka from Radio Krakow explained.

The works collected at the "Ukraine. A different angle on neighbourhood" exhibition can be admired at the ICC Gallery until January 16, 2022.
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