A space outside the city at the Architectural Detail Festival

A space outside the city at the Architectural Detail Festival
Łódź will host the only festival in the country devoted to architectural ornaments - DetalFest. The current edition will consist of 14 presentations by researchers and popularizers of architecture and over a dozen accompanying events, including workshops for children and adults, walks and exhibitions. The Herito quarterly is the media patron of the festival.

This year's DetalFest takes place on September 10-18, 2021, and its slogan is "non-cities", i.e. space outside large centers.

- Our intention is to draw attention to the architecture and art in public space present in the villages, as well as to the environmental heritage, in the sense of nature accompanying human activity - says Maria Nowakowska, director of the Festival. - We often see the countryside through the prism of stereotypes or images; It's high time to take a look at how this space really works.

Among the speakers of the Festival there were both academics and people dealing with the popularization of architecture outside the walls of the university. The festival program is divided into three blocks. The main ones are "non-cities" - in this part there will be 10 speeches touching in various ways architecture and art created outside large centers - from symbolism rooted in folk beliefs, through fire stations and baroque arcaded houses, to buildings created from exotic from our point of view view of materials such as braid, charcoal and animal bones. Two smaller blocks are dedicated to small towns and animal design.

The accompanying events included craft workshops for adults and art workshops for children, discussions, exhibitions, and walks, showing both environmental and anthropogenic heritage. Details of the program are available on the Festival website (https://www.detalfest.pl)

The main festival events will take place in the premises of the event's partner - the Museum of the City of Łódź, i.e. in Izrael Poznański's palace near Manufaktura.

The DetalFest festival is organized by Detal w Miasto in cooperation with the 2035 Foundation.

The event was co-financed by the City of Łódź, the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport, and the National Heritage Board of Poland.
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