North Macedonia Independence Day

Macedonia Independence Day
On September 8, Macedonians celebrate their Independence Day. On that day in 1991, a referendum was held, as a result of which the country left the structures of Yugoslavia bloodlessly and declared independence under the name of the Republic of Macedonia.

71% of those entitled to vote took part in the independence referendum. 95% of voters supported the declaration of independence.

North Macedonia has long been part of the activities of the International Cultural Centre. In 2019, the ICC in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje organized the Skopje exhibition. City, architecture and art of solidarity. It was the first such extensive presentation devoted to the Macedonian capital - its difficult 20th-century historical experience and unknown links with Polish art, architecture and urban thought. The exhibition was accompanied by an album presenting the history of rebuilding the city after the tragic earthquake on July 26, 1963. The album is still available for sale at the ICC online bookstore.
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