ICC workshops in the poll for the most developmental activities for children

The International Cultural Centre has been in the second stage of the Słoneczniki 2021 plebiscite in the Visual Arts category. Until August 31, you can vote for the most developmental initiative for children.

The plebiscite is organized by the CzasDzieci.pl portal, which thus appreciates and rewards the organizers of the best prepared events, those that contribute to the development of young recipients to the greatest extent, while offering the best entertainment. The basic assumption of the competition is giving the floor to parents as the best experts evaluating the initiative's children's activities. It is the parents who submit the most valuable events to the competition.

MINImeetings with the art of the International Cultural Center once again appear in the poll - in 2018 we even received the "Golden Sunflower" award for them.

The second stage of the plebiscite is voting for the best initiative. You can vote HERE.
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