ICC at the Podlasie Slow Fest Festival

During this year's edition of the Podlasie Slow Fest Mck festival, it invites you to three events (workshops in Polish)

August 6, 2021, at 16.00-17.30

Bird Trel

What birds live in the Knyszyńska Forest? Does the bird singing heard from behind the window, or rather a shimmer? Or maybe in a poulpse, the slot has a gloss?

At educational workshops, participants will have the opportunity to meet the flying residents of the surrounding forests and find out curiosities on some species. As part of the course, they will also perform plastic work, a binoculars from recycling materials, which will help to spot their birds among the list.

Supraska Academy, free admission. Workshops for children aged 4-9.

August 7, 2021, at 10.00-11.30

Wind strength

Legends say that in the fourteenth century in Thailand, kites were banned, because the king was so busy with this fun that he had no time to bear the state. On our workshop, fun will be as great.
Participants of the classes will construct kites, covered with paper, painted and pinned colorful tails.

Folk house, free admission. Workshops for children aged 5-10.

August 8, 2021. hours 10.00-11.00


When the outside temperature reaches dizzying values, it is worth having an object in a backpack that will make us a little cooler on a hot day.

At plastic workshops, participants will perform colorful wanslates, thanks to which they will be able to cool down on hot days, and also learn when the first models arose, of which they were performed and who used them.

Supraska Academy, free admission. Workshops for children aged 4-9.

All workshops will be guided by Angelika Madura-Cordinator of the educational program

More information: https://podlasieslowfest.pl/
Organizer: Dalapenia Association
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