Exhibition To be Yourself, to create. Ioana Grigorescu - architect and visionary

2019-08-08, 6:00 p.m.
The Romanian Institute of Culture in Warsaw, the Association of Romanian Architects (UAR) and the International Cultural Centre in Krakow have the honor to invite to the opening of the exhibition To Be Yourself, to create. Ioana Grigorescu - architect and visionary.

The exhibition tells about the work of Ioana Grigorescu (1915-2006) - a Romanian architect who devoted much of his career to preservation and restoration of monuments and very quickly became one of the greatest specialists in this field, combining tradition with modernity.

The basic principles that led Ioana Grigorescu in the renovation work were honesty and authenticity. She wrote about her work as an architect: "... it reminds you of missing pieces of a clay pitcher using another contrasting material ...".

The exhibition will be able to admire architectural works, designs, sketches, as well as graphic works, among which the dominant theme was a man, especially his face, portrayed in numerous portraits and self-portraits.
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