Participants of the OWHC Young Professionals Forum 2019

Heritage is important for tourism, but is tourism important to heritage? A provocative question asked by Gregory J. Ashworth in the book entitled Heritage planning, published by the ICC Publishing House in 2015 has not lost its relevance and will certainly accompany young researchers from all over the world during the OWHC Young Professionals Forum (1-6 June 2019).

The 15th Congress of the Organisation of World Heritage Cities, organised by The Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) and the City of Krakow, will host the Young Professionals Forum, a week-long educational programme for young professionals from 14 countries. On behalf of the organizers the Forum will be realized by the International Cultural Centre.

During the Young Professionals Forum of the OWHC the participants will take part in field workshops, seminars, and lectures addressing the key issues faced by the authorities of the world heritage cities. The event will bring together 19 participants from 14 countries – 15 representatives of the OWHC cities from abroad and 4 representatives of Polish cities. They will focus on a variety of aspects of the impact of tourism on heritage: from stimulating popular tourist destinations, reshaping of sites and architecture according to tourist needs, “Disneylandisation” of heritage, to involvement of global community in heritage protection.

During the lectures and workshops the participants will also analyse cases from their own countries, by presenting the efforts of local authorities and communities to preserve world heritage sites. For Krakow – a city that focuses on sustainable development of tourism based on historic heritage but also on the citizens’ involvement – the issues discussed during the Forum will be very important and relevant.



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