Rozlomená doba from the Muzeum umění Olomouc is the best Czech exhibition of 2018

The exhibition Rozlomená doba from the Muzeum umění Olomouc was recognized as the best Czech exhibition in 2018 and received the prestigious Gloria Musaealis distinction. Its Cracow version Years of Disarray. Art of the Avant-Garde in Central Europe 1908-1928 will be presented in the ICC Gallery until June 9.

The exhibition is the culmination of several years of cooperation between four institutions: Muzeum umění Olomouc (Czech Republic) - laureate of the Visegrad Award in 2017, the ICC - laureate of the Visegrad Prize in 2006, Galéria mesta Bratislavy (Slovakia) and Janus Pannonius Múzeum in Pécs (Hungary).

Its consequence is an exhibition showing the blossoming of the Central European avant-garde in the new geopolitical and world-view conditions that brought the end of World War I and the breakup of empires: Austro-Hungarian, Tsarist Russia and Germany.

The exhibition presents the works of Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Austrian and German avant-garde artists, and accentuates significant themes and artistic concepts, as well as contact points and differences revealed by the art of young countries in Central Europe at that time.
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