26th Economic Forum in Krynica, with the participation of Professor Jacek Purchla


At the 26th Economic Forum in Krynica, Professor Jacek Purchla will take part in the panel “Cities invest in culture – why this pays off?”

Big festivals, museums, opera houses, and monuments of architecture are increasingly often seen as factors determining the image of cities, advancing their international appeal and attracting tourists. However, culture is something more than mere a tool for promotion – above all, it is an important factor in social development. It is through our cultural competences and participation in cultural life that we build our identity and sense of belonging to a community, we become more creative, innovative, open, and tolerant. Culture and its industries are also direct vehicles for development: one of the fastest growing sectors of economy. Next to the Director of the ICC, those theses will be addressed by Rafał Dutkiewicz, Anatolij Kalina, Pavo Zsolt, and Dariusz Jabłoński. The meeting will be convened by Juliusz Braun.

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