From Puszkin to Twitter. On contemporary Russian. - lecture by Maksim Krongauz

2019-01-22, 6:00 p.m.
The lecture will present new words and new meanings that have appeared in the Russian language over the past decade. It will examine their sources and usage ranges, and discuss the channels of introducing them into language that are most effective. On the other hand, the lecture will discuss the opposite process, that is words disappearing from language.

Prof. Maksim Krongauz is a linguist and head of the Russian language at the Institute of Linguistics, Russian State University for the Humanities. His interest areas include semiotics and linguistic culture, Russian grammar, semantics, theory of political discourse and humour. His is an outstanding specialist in the language of the Russian Internet, and an author of many book in the field.

A lecture will be held in Russian with Polish translation
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