Berlin and its Museum – lecture by Paul Spies

2018-07-06, 6:00 p.m.
Berlin and its Museum. Open lecture of the Academy of Heritage. Paul Spies, Director of the Berlin Museum, talks about the ongoing reconstruction of the castle in Berlin and an exhibition it is going to mount, devoted to the history of the city.

The largest cultural building project in Germany at the moment is the reconstruction of the imperial palace in the centre of Berlin, the Berliner Schloss. The exterior on three sides and the inner courtyards will show the baroque building from the 18th centuryuuu, the fourth facade and the complete interior will be a modern museum with the name “Humboldt Forum”. This huge building will house on the second and third floor the Ethnological Museum and the Museum for Asian Art, that will both move from the outer district of Dahlem to this location in the very centre of Berlin.

On the first floor 4.500 square meters are reserved for an exhibition on the international aspects of the history of Berlin, titled “Berlin and the world”, thus forming a bridge between the city “outside” and the ethnological collections “upstairs”.

Chief-Curator of this exhibition is the director of the Berlin City Museum, the Dutchman Paul Spies, formerly director of the Amsterdam Museum.
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