Thesaurus Poloniae

A call for XIX edition of the Thesaurus Poloniae scholarship programme opens on 4 May. The programme is addressed to non-residents of Poland who conduct their research on culture, history and multicultural heritage of the Republic of Poland as well as on Central Europe. Application deadline: June 25.

The Thesaurus Poloniae reaches back to 2007 and the First Congress of International Researchers of Polish History organised in Kraków, which showed a growing interest in Poland across the world and revealed a gap in fellowship offers addressed by Polish institutions to scholars living and working abroad. To answer these needs, Polish Minister of Culture established a fellowship programme Thesaurus Poloniae, since 2009 implemented by the ICC in Kraków. The programme is addressed to non-residents of Poland conducting research on the culture, history and the multicultural heritage of Poland and Central Europe, in such disciplines as history, art history, sociology, ethnography, cultural anthropology and other relevant fields. The fellowship holders are invited for a three-months stay in Kraków. The ICC organises two calls for potential fellows every year.

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