Krakers. Cracow Gallery Weekend in ICC

The theme of this year’s edition of CGW KRAKERS is Change. Change is one of the basic modalities of modern times. This applies in principle to all areas of everyday life, ranging from surface recognition of phenomena to deep structures that might change the way human beings function in the world. As an imperative change often becomes a marketing strategy or a tool in positive psychology. In humanities, often a ground for ostracizing traditional normativity, change is, in turn, present as an opportunity and manifestation of freedom. The development of digitization and technology made it possible to integrate virtual reality into everyday human life, which seems to have blurred the concept of reality itself. A transformation can also be noticed in the area of art, which has noticeably been exploring the new opportunities it has been presented with along with the raising importance of new media, as well as actively referring to the issues that a person faces with the adoption of a constantly accelerating rhythm of change.

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