Modernist Thursdays in ICC

2018-03-15, 6:00 p.m.
The series of lectures about modernism in architecture accompanying the exhibition Lviv, 24 June 1937. City, architecture, modernism.
  • To Katowice from Lviv – lecture by Anna Syska - 15.02 (Thursday), 18.00 
The Katowice architectural community in the interwar period was dominated by graduates of architecture at the Lviv Technical University. The most important among them were Tadeusz Michejda, Karol Schayer, Tadeusz Łobos and Zbigniew Rzepecki. Working for regional and municipal administration, as well as running private design offices, they influenced the architectural shape of the city, building structures with interesting forms and varied functions.

Anna Syska – architect and historian of architecture, used to work in the Silesian Centre of Cultural Heritage in Katowice (2005–2016), currently employed by the Regional Institute of Culture in Katowice. She studies the cultural heritage of Silesia and Western Małopolska, and especially 20th century architecture and industrial structures. She is the co- author of the book Styl gotycki wyklucza się. Międzywojenna architektura w województwie śląskim [The Gothic style excludes itself: the interwar architecture in the Silesian Voivodship] and editor of Podróż ku nowoczesności. Architektura XX wieku w województwie śląskim. [A journey to modernity: 20th century architecture in the Silesian Voivodship]. She is currently working on a monograph of works of the architect Jerzy Gottfried within the project “The Creators of Silesian Architecture” run by the Silesian Library in Katowice. She is the founder of the Napraw Sobie Miasto [Repair Your City] foundation.

Admission is free, lecture in Polish.
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