The former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and its inheritors

The former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and its inheritors: The case of shared or contested memory?
October 13, 2017 (Friday), 5 p.m.–7 p.m.

We kindly invite for a panel discussion organised within the framework of the III Congress of International Researchers of Polish History entitled "The Late Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: History – Memory – Legacy" which is held in Kraków on October11–14, 2017.

The issue of historical memory of the late Republic among the nationalities which constituted it is complicated and poorly documented. To this day, no broader comparative studies (especially interdisciplinary) have been undertaken while in national historiographies, it is evident there exists a lack of references made from the point of view of neighbors. The main issue is therefore to define what, for each of these nations, is collective memory and how advanced research in this field is in specific countries.

How have national narratives perceived their own history in the context of belonging to the late Republic over the last hundred years? How did the historical politics of the partitions and, most recently that of the Soviet Bloc, influence these narratives? To what degree has collective memory undergone immediate political or propaganda needs? To what extent does this occur today? Aside from the Polish perspective, does a positive image of the late Republic exist among its other nationalities? Perhaps it is a multi-national “legacy without heirs?” How have certain nations remembered their gains and losses within the context of centuries of coexistence in the late Republic? Is it possible to go beyond the circle of post-colonial discourse and memory conflicts? How should a common memory, one which unites and not divides, be built? Is this even possible?

Moderators: Dr. Beata Nykiel and Prof. Dr. Jacek Purchla 

  • Dr Nelly Bekus
  • Prof. Yaroslav Hrytsak
  • Prof. Alvydas Nikžentaitis
  • Prof. Hienadź Sahanowicz
  • Dr. Tomasz Szubert
  • Prof. Robert Traba
  • Prof. Larry Wolff
A meeting will be translated simultaneously (Polish/English)%MCEPASTEBIN%
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