Bibliography of the contents of International Cultural Centre publications


The contents of books published by the International Cultural Centre, released since its inception in 1991 until today, is now catalogued and available in the ICC Library catalogue as a collection under the name of the Bibliography of the contents of ICC publications.

To present the bibliography as a collection, we used the VIRTUA library system which also makes it possible to search the contents of the ICC publications in one catalogue according to various search keys. Articles published in collective volumes have been catalogued by means of analytical records.

Analytical records, as one of the methods of improving access to information, are created for cataloguing non-self-contained documents, such as articles, individual studies, research papers, etc., located within a larger resource (in a book or journal). This method of cataloguing the ICC's publishing output, in particular exhibition catalogues and collective volumes (e.g. post-conference volumes) as well as the “Herito” quarterly, enables a full presentation of the content without having to browse through the publication's tables of contents.

As of February 12, 2021, the collection consists of 3,722 items. The implementation of this task made the thirty years of research achievements of the International Cultural Centre visible to every Internet user.

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