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The Adriatic: The sea and its civilization

Egidio Ivetic

A vast synthesis of the civilizations that have grown up on both shores of the Adriatic. Following in the footsteps of Braudel and Matvejevic, Ivetic describes the palimpsesting of cultures, religions, national aspirations, languages, and conflicts.

The Adriatic is perceived as a water- shed between East and West, one that both unites and divides, as demonstrated by the history narrated by Ivetic beginning in Antiquity and running until the disintegration of Yugoslavia. This is also a story about the peoples that inhabited the seashores, about the powers that dominated the waters: Byzantium, Venice, the Ottoman Empire, and about the history of trade and cooperation, and wars. Research from a range of sources, not only archival sources but also archaeological dig sites, inscriptions on tombstones, ship logbooks, and also personal experience gleaned from long-distance hikes along the coastlines and inter-island cruises, creates a remarkable end product, fascinating in the wealth and diversity of its material.

Nineteenth volume in THE CENTRAL EUROPEAN LIBRARY series edited by Jacek Purchla.

Polish version.
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