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Heritage planning

Gregory Ashworth
Date of issue: 2015
Volume: 17,5 × 21 cm,
Cover: hardcover
Pages: 316

ISBN 978-83-63463-34-2
55.00 PLN
49.00 PLN
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Publication in Polish.

The fourth volume in the Heritology series is a collection of the texts of Gregory J. Ashworth. The essence of heritage is to use the past for contemporary purposes, also political and social. Moreover, it is translated indirectly and directly into economic development in specific locations. Nevertheless, despite numerous attempts no single universal model guaranteeing the success of such activity has been worked out. Furthermore, no windfall gains can be expected from such actions, as the profits are always accompanied by costs that must be incurred. Yet one should draw conclusions from practice; conclusions that stem from careful management and not from automatic imitation.

Gregory Ashworth is one of the most notable scholars dealing with heritage from the point of view of economics and management. The texts gathered in the book follow two main courses of discussion: searching for paradigms, concepts, and definitions of heritage and heritology, and attempts at answering the question of how to manage heritage to achieve the goals set.


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