Croatia. History, culture, ideas

Croatia. History, culture, ideas

Date of issue: 2019

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The book is a synthetic look at Croatian history: from the migration to the Adriatic coast to independence. The narrative framework is defined by political history yet none the less important are cultural heritage and a lexicon of concepts and ideologemes that determine the Croats’ historical mind‑set.

The publication puts a stress on socio‑political and cultural differences that have arisen across the regions of Croatia. In each, time measured the epochs out differently, causing several cultural borderlands to emerge. A unification of the various traditions into a single national culture in the 19th century did not push regionalism back to the shadows. On the contrary, it is embedded organically in the cultural landscape and collective vision. Similarly, the painful Yugoslav heritage remains a powerfully dividing factor among the Croatian elites to this day.

Seventeenth volume of the European Core Library edited by Jacek Purchla.
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