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Hungarians. A Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat E-BOOK

Paul Lendvai
Date of issue: 2019

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Publication in Polish.

If the existence and survival of Hungary can be regarded as a miracle, then Hungarians for centuries have been winners in defeats; to quote the words of Tibor Déry, pronounced after the crushed revolution of 1956: “What is Hungarianness?

A joke made by dancing on disasters.” In this fascinating collage of historical essay, a iographical essays about heroes and victims, geniuses and frauds, victors and traitors, and numerous stories and anecdotes, Paul Lendvai presents the vicissitudes of Hungarians in the country and abroad. It is a grand panorama free from taboos and prejudices, an impassioned appeal for tolerance and mutual understanding and a warning against crude isolationism and a sense of nationalist mission. 

Seventh volume of the series Library of Central Europe, edited by Jack Purchla.
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