Zarządzanie miejscami wpisanymi na Listę Światowego Dziedzictwa UNESCO w Polsce i w Norwegii
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The publication is the result of two-year-long (2009–2011) research project entitled “Management of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland and Norway” intended as a platform enabling exchange of experience between Polish and Norwegian experts working in the field of heritage management. The project also created an opportunity to initiate direct cooperation between relevant teams and institutions from both countries.
The Norwegian partner of the International Cultural Centre in this project is Riksantikvaren, Directorat for Culture Heritage in Oslo.

The following criteria have been used in the selection of sites: substantial similarities between the given Polish and Norwegian sites (as defined in the UNESCO Heritage List in both countries) and similar preservation challenges and issues faced by selected representatives. The primary objective of the project was to compare analogous places in Poland and Norway in four thematic groups: 1) urban layouts of big cities, 2) post-industrial heritage: case studies of mining towns, 3) wooden churches, 4) cultural landscapes.
The publication boasts rich illustrative materials.
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