The Rams Palace
"The Rams" Palace — more than a cabaret

In the heart of Krakow #10
Today, almost everyone who hears the name of this tenement house thinks about the cabaret located there and Piotr Skrzynecki. However, the history of the "Pod Baranami" Palace is not only the famous Piwnica - a cultural center after the turn of 1956. In medieval times, there was an inn here. In its courtyard, sheep were kept for sale and they are the source of both the emblem and the present name of the building. Over the centuries, the palace has often changed both its owners and functions. It was a place where Polish-Hungarian ties were tightened, and later the most important political and economic decisions for Galicia were made. There were also distinguished guests: Prince Józef Poniatowski, King Stanisław August and Emperor Franz Josef I.

The Rams Palace

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