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Prof. Wojciech Bałus, Institute of Art History of the Jagiellonian University – his areas of expertise cover 19th to 21st-century art theory and history, the relationship between art and philosophy, cultural anthropology, and literary studies.

Dorota Białek-Kostecka, PhD, head of the Laboratory for Transfer and Separation of Mural Painting at the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Mural Painting at the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

Prof. Marek Ćwiklicki, Prof. UEK, Krakow University of Economics – his scholarly interests include management in public administration, modern methods and concepts of organisation and management, information and communication management.

Maria Dankowska, PhD, Łódź University of Technology – specialist in research on urban planning and urban regeneration.

Prof. Piotr Dobosz, Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University – his interests focus on issues of administrative law, local government law, protection of monuments, and cultural heritage.

Maciej Gnela, MA, Krakow University of Economics – he uses the experience gained as an entrepreneur in scientific, expert, and didactic work, in particular in the field of public procurement.

Piotr Górajec, MA, deputy director of the Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów. Co-founder of the Museum Educators Forum.

Dr Katarzyna Góralczyk, doctor of security studies, researcher at the Faculty of History and Cultural Heritage at the Pontifical University of John Paul II, initiator and director at the Institute of Heritage Safety. Expert at the heritage security protection, especially in the case of armed conflicts and crises.

Paweł Jaskanis, MA, director of the Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów, art historian, archaeologist, museologist and specialist in the management and protection of monuments.

Alicja Knast, MA, director of the National Gallery in Prague. Former director of the Silesian Museum in Katowice. Musicologist, associated with the museum sector since 1995. Lecturer at the London Metropolitan University (2005–2006) and researcher at the University of Plymouth (2005–2008). Author of publications in the field of instrumentology, music psychology, and museology. Since 2015, she has been working as a member of the Council for Museums and National Memorials of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Prof. Piotr Krasny, art historian, scholar of early modern art, specialist in the protection of cultural heritage, in 2008-2012 director of the Institute of Art History of the Jagiellonian University.

Prof. Andrzej Matlak, Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University, specialist in the field of copyright and related rights as well as media law. Editor-in-chief of the series “Prace z Prawa Własności Intelektualnej” published as part of the Scientific Journals of the Jagiellonian University.

Ambrose Mituś, PhD, Prof. UEK – teaches courses in the field of jurisprudence, public procurement as well as administrative law and the law of self-governmental communities.

Monika Murzyn-Kupisz, PhD, prof. UJ – her research interests focus on cultural policy and the economy of culture, the socio-economic context of museum activities and the development of modern cities, as well as the regeneration of degraded downtown areas.

Michał Niezabitowski, PhD, Krakow historian, museologist, interested in the issues of historical exhibitions and building a narrative in the exhibition space, museum education, the role of museums in building collective memory, museum management, and the history of museology.

Przemysław Nocuń, PhD, Institute of Archaeology of the Jagiellonian University – his research interests focus on issues related to the functioning of castles in the cultural landscape of medieval Europe and the archaeology and culture of the medieval South Caucasus.

Katarzyna Plebańczyk, PhD, Faculty of Management and Social Communication of the Jagiellonian University – her research focuses on information in culture, cultural observatories, relations of supply and demand in the market of cultural goods and services.

Marcin Poprawski, PhD, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań – coordinator of nationwide research programmes in the field of cultural policy and management in culture, co-author of strategies, reports, training for local governments and institutions.

Prof. Jacek Purchla, art historian and economist, lecturer at the Jagiellonian University and Krakow University of Economics, founder of the Academy of Heritage, founder and in 1991-2018 director of the International Cultural Centre, in 2016-2017 Chairman of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, in 2015-2020 Chairman of the Polish UNESCO Committee.

Andrzej Siwek, PhD, he graduated from the Jagiellonian University in history (1987) and art history (1991). PhD in architecture and urban planning, obtained at the Krakow University of Technology in 2014, awarded in the Competition of the General Conservator of Monuments of the Republic of Poland and the Main Board of the Association of Monument Conservators for the best study, academic or popular, on the protection of monuments and museology.

Prof. Wojciech Szafrański, lawyer, doctor of legal sciences, professor at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, expert in art market, historian of law, specialising in legal and economic issues of art trade, protection of cultural heritage and codification of law in the 18th century, lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University, University of Arts in Poznań and the Jagiellonian University. Member of the Council of the Academy of Art in Szczecin (2021-2024).

Marek Świdrak, MA, art historian and lawyer, he works at the Education Centre – Academy of Heritage, assistant at the Institute of Art History of the Jagiellonian University, specialist in the history of early modern art and the law and protection of cultural heritage.

Prof. Krzysztof Surówka, head of the Department of Public Finance at the Krakow University of Economics, specialist in the operation of the state budget, local government finance, social security systems and European Union finance, in 2014-2020 the Vice-Rector of the UEK.

Prof. Bogusław Szmygin, Lublin University of Technology – specialises in the protection and conservation of architectural monuments, the theory of monument conservation and regeneration of historic cities, in 2009-2017 President of the Polish National Committee of ICOMOS.

Prof. Stanisław Waltoś, Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University – specialist in the history of criminal law, in 2000–2002 a member of the Legislative Council for the Prime Minister, in 2004–2006 chairman of the Criminal Law Codification Committee, in 2009–2015 a member of this commission, in 1977-2011 Director of the Jagiellonian University Museum.

Michał Wiśniewski, PhD, head of the Education Centre – Academy of Heritage at the International Cultural Centre, assistant professor at the Department of Economic and Social History of the Krakow University of Economics, researcher of 20th-century architecture of Krakow and Poland, member of the board of the Institute of Architecture foundation.

Dominik Ziarkowski, PhD, Prof. UEK, assistant professor at the Department of Tourism at the Krakow University of Economics – his interests focus on early modern and 19th-century art, artistic historiography, protection of cultural assets and cultural landscape, and the role of cultural heritage in tourism.

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