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"Slovak complex. Essays" – Rudolf Chmel
A conversation about the past and the present, especially when concerning what is suppressed and has been displaced, purifies and can help to banish complexes. It certainly encourages to confront them. A brilliant essayist and ironist who lacks nothing of academic precision, Rudolf Chmel persistently confronts the national complex of the Slovaks.

Chmel believes that knowledge of history is a prerequisite to understand contemporary political behaviours. Equally important is the knowledge of Slovak literature as it has encompassed the most important national debates. That is why, he weaves a multi-narrative tale of a country that strives with the burden of history and its own limitations, discusses the key questions in Slovak identity and narrative, and brings their ambiguous nature to light.

His essays provide an important and daring voice in discussing the national identity not only in Slovakia but throughout Central Europe.

It is the 4th book in the Biblioteka Europy Środka [Library of Central Europe] series edited by Professor Jacek Purchla.

Rudolf Chmel – expert in literature, journalist, politician. Since the 1960s continuously connected to the Institute of Slovak Literature of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV). In 1990–1992, Ambassador of Czechoslovakia to Hungary. Director of the Institute of Slavonic and East European Studies at the Charles University in Prague (2006–2010). Minister of Culture of the Republic of Slovakia (2002–2005, and 2006). In 2010–2012, Deputy Prime Minister for Human Rights and National Minorities in the cabinet of Iveta Radičova. University teacher. Co-founder of the Hungarian-Slovak Most-Híd party in 2009, and its Vice President until May 2014. Member of the Slovak Parliament in 2002–2006 (ANO) and since 2010 (Most-Híd).

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