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Roman Catholic Churches and Monasteries in the Former Rus’ Voivodeship. Part I, vol. 22
The volume contains monographs of churches and monasteries located in the Chełm area past the Bug River, which was part of the Rus’ Voivodeship of the Commonwealth, despite being separated by the former Belz Voivodeship. The buildings belonged to the Luboml deanship of the Chełm diocese; in the 19th century they were annexed by the Lutsk-Zhytomyr diocese; in the inter-war period they belonged to the Lutsk diocese.

The volume shows interest in 22 buildings in such towns and villages as Binduga, Luboml, Maciejów, Opalin, Ostrówki, Przewały, Pulemiec, Radziechów, Ratno, Rymacze, Szack and Zabłocie. This publication is thus the “final chapter” of the building/site inventory carried out in the former Rus’ Voivodeship (within its pre-partition borders).

Scientific Editor: Jan K. Ostrowski

Polish version

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