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Roman Catholic Churches and Monasteries in the Former Rus’ Voivodeship. Part I, Vol. 19
The volume contains monographs of twenty one churches as well as monasteries and convents of the city Lvov prior to the partition of Poland, including, among others, St. John the Baptist’s Church, Our Lady of the Snow’s Church, St. Anne’s Church and the former Augustinian monastery, the Immaculate Conception Church and the Bernardine convent, All Saints’ Church and the Benedictine convent, St. Sophie’s Church, St. Peter’s Church in Okowy and the Bridgettine convent, St. Lazarus’s Church, St. Catherine of Siena’s Church and the Dominican convent, St. Martin’s Church and the Calced Carmelite monastery, the monastery and hospital of the Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God, St. Nicolas’s Church and the Trinitarian monastery.

Scientific Editor: Jan K. Ostrowski

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