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Set I:  Culture and heritage (56 hours)
The state and heritage
International determinants of the protection and promotion of cultural heritage

Dissonant heritage – selected issues in the field of art history

History of artistic and conservation doctrines

Theory and methodology of monument conservation in Poland

Theory and methodology of archaeological works in Poland

Set II: Legal and economic aspects of heritage management  (52 hours)
Legal and organisational foundations for the protection of cultural heritage in Poland

Restitution of cultural goods

Financing tasks in the cultural sector

Contemporary functioning of the art market in Poland

Meetings with representatives of selected cultural institutions

Set III: Culture industries, marketing and cultural heritage promotion  (58 hours)
Legal and economic conditions for the operation of museums and cultural institutions in Poland

Museology and collecting

Educational programmes in cultural institutions

Marketing of cultural heritage objects

Public relations in cultural institutions

New media and promotion of cultural heritage

Heritage and tourism

Set IV: Institution management, accounting, and finance (44 hours)
Basics of organisation and management in a public institution
Cultural activities in the light of the Polish legal system

Public finance

Public procurement

Strategic management in a cultural institution (audit and management control)

Set V: Local administration, public administration, spatial planning (36 hours)

Tasks and competences of local government in the field of culture and art

Practical application of the act on the protection of monuments by public administration bodies

The role of spatial planning and real estate development in the process of cultural landscape protection

Revitalisation of cultural heritage and financing of conservation works

Set VI: Seminars (30 hours)

Set VII: workshops on the management of cultural institutions (18 hours)

Set VIII: workshops on cultural heritage management (40 hours)

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