Mysterious dark-haired in a painted sneakers
He draws almost without a break, day and often at night - on everything he can. Tara von Neudorf has extraordinary talent. He discovered it by accident in military service, when extremely bored, he painted Fujiyama for his commander.

Forty-six-year-old Tara von Neudorf is actually a living, "walking" Gesamtkunstwerk - a total work! Full piece synthesis! Everything he wears - jackets, pants, shirts, shoes, jewelry - are his unconventional ideas and artistic creations, although his mother often helps him in sewing. Tie with razor blades or hand-painted sneakers - these are unique "works" designed for clothing, which I especially remember after the first conversation with the artist. Tara was born and lives in Transylvania. Basically in Sibiu, but also temporarily in Engelthal (in Romanian Mighindoala) - a village abandoned by the Saxons, and a little at its dacha near Sibiu, which he calls "one of his possessions", he is also very often in Cluj. Transylvania is key to Tara's work, it is one of the most important threads in his artistic works, which he creates on old school maps (no longer useful, remaining after the Ceaușescu era).

We could see the strength of his art with our own eyes during his Krakow exhibition at the ICC Gallery in 2013. The artist processes not only maps, but also old school boards, posters and cardboard packaging, drawing on them with markers, painting with paints, and sometimes splashing them directly from cans. His works show a unique passion for creation, but also an extraordinary personality. Honest, moody, he always has strong opinions about the reality that surrounds him and is very punctual! He also has a weakness for beautiful women (which is justified by his artistic and aesthetic sensitivity), although he still complains that he is not happy with them. But each subsequent muse finds an important place in his art. The artist creates countless portraits of them - unusual images with a fascinating power of artistic message and form. Tara undoubtedly has a great sense of humor, though a bit specific, which I experienced on my own when as part of a family trip to Romania I decided to visit him.

We were going to his dacha in the small village of Daia Nouă near Sibiu. I got detailed instructions because our GPS didn't recognize the address. I call Tara and say, "We're at the board with the name of the village you gave, and where now?" "OK, now go on to the next village and call me." We drive 6 kilometers. I'm calling Tara again: "OK, are we here and what now?" - I ask. "OK, then drive to a nearby store, it is several dozen meters away on the left and call." We find a shop, get out of the car and call him again: "Tara, I'm in front of the shop". Tara replies: "Great, then open the door, go inside and call." I walk in, call: "Tara, I'm inside" and the artist says: "OK, now ask for three sachets of instant coffee with milk and sugar." I buy these three coffees. I call Tara: "I have them!" "Ok super! - he answers. "Then go back to the village where you have already been and call." We return to the village where we were at the very beginning, a bit confused driving back and forth. I call, I get instructions on how to reach a very narrow, bumpy dirt road to the dacha at the end of the village. We are greeted by Tara, very pleased, with a broad, somewhat mischievous smile: "Hi! Would you like a coffee? Then give these three sachets. "

Tara von Neudorf.

In the artist's studio.

At the artist's dacha.

In the artist's studio.

In the artist's studio.

Muscular system, marker, cardboard, 2009.

In the artist's studio.

Tara in his art studio.

In 2013, ICC Gallery for the first time in Poland presented the work of the Romanian artist Tara (von Neudorf).
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