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Meeting with Przemek Dębowski and Kuba Sowiński

“A book is an object that should also be an aesthetic whole. It's easiest when one person designs it, ”said Przemek Dębowski, a leading Polish designer and co-founder of the Karakter publishing house, author of many excellent book covers in an interview for dwutygodnik.com.

After the tough 1990s and the period of transformation, which had an impact not only on the structure of the publishing market, but also on the book's aesthetics, over time, we began to appreciate the work of designers and graphic designers, as well as the contributions of translators. From the turn of the century onwards, not only readers, but also designers became more and more aware, the best of whom today enjoy the status of not workmen, but artists, as evidenced by the increasing number of publications on their work (such as "A Billion Things Around", i.e. Agata Szydłowska's talks with designers, including Kuba Sowiński, the author of many covers of the ICC publications and the "Herito" layout).

The designers invited by us to the interview are among the leaders: they collaborated with the largest Polish publishers, created their own, recognizable style, and they think about their projects in a holistic way: from the size of the book and its cover, through paper, font selection, to the margin proportions. At the same time, however, they do not limit themselves to one type of publication, but still experiment, create in other forms, such as posters, and constantly strive to create the perfect book.

We talked with Przemek Dębowski and Kuba Sowiński about how their profession has changed and the challenges facing it since the 1990s, why it is so important to think about a book as a whole, and about the role of courage and independence in design.

The meeting was conducted by Bartosz Sadulski on the ICC Facebook profile.

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Sport.

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