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Meeting with Maciej Czerwiński
Another meeting of the At a distance series took place on July 3rd, 2020. This time Dr. hab. Maciej Czerwiński told about the history and culture of Croatia, to which he devoted his latest book Croatia. History, culture, ideas. This is another, 17th volume in the Central Europe Library series edited by prof. Jacek Purchla issued by the International Culture Center Publishing House.

The conversation was be led by Bartosz Panek on Facebook profile (in Polish).

Maciej Czerwiński - a Slavic philologist, translator, literary critic, professor at the Jagiellonian University. He deals with the languages, cultures and literatures of former Yugoslavia, as well as the borderland of language and literature theory and cultural semiotics. He lectured and lectured at symposia in many European countries and the United States. He is the author of several books published in Poland and Croatia (concerning language, historical discourse, semiotics and historical imagination about the Second World War in Croatian and Serbian artistic prose), as well as many articles and essays. Member of the editorial board of Polish, Croatian and Macedonian scientific journals.

Bartosz Panek - journalist and reporter, for 14 years associated with the Second Program of Polish Radio. Winner of Polish and international awards, including Prix Italia for exceptional originality and innovative language in a radio document. His works were presented in Italy, France and Croatia. This year, Czarne Publishing House will publish its book about Tatars in Poland.

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