Meeting with Krzysztof Radoszek

Meeting with Krzysztof Radoszek

As part of another virtual meeting from the Catch a Distance series, we invited you to an interview with the curator of the Plants and Animals exhibition and the designer of the accompanying album - Krzysztof Radoszek.

They talked with Helena Postawka-Lech about the path of illustrator and cartoonist, creator of posters, books and visual identifications, to be the curator of the exhibition. On botanical illustration yesterday and today: the work of old artists, the need for contact with nature in various forms, including artistic ones. About longing for flora and fauna. Together, they will look for the answer to the question whether the current fashion for nature, manifested, among other things, in the spill of nature books, is only a temporary fascination or an emanation of a deep and inalienable need for contact with the natural world?

Krzysztof Radoszek also talked about what is not there and could have been at the exhibition, but there was not enough space; about your discoveries and admirations. On the differences between composing an exhibition and preparing an album.

Meeting took place on Friday 19 June from 19.00. The conversation was broadcasted live on the ICC Facebook fan page.
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