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Meeting with Julia Fiedorczuk and Filip Springer
After the summer break, another meeting in the At a distance cycle took place. This time Julia Fiedorczuk and Filip Springer, whose articles can be found in the newest, "green" issue of the quarterly "Herito", were talking about the relationship between man and nature.

A meeting was held in Polish

Linda Vilhjalmsdottir, an Icelandic poet, writes: "we have increased and / or limited / the use of animals by a completely free / human" (transl. Jacek Godek), suggesting that the awareness of the ecological catastrophe is superficial and the actions we are taking are in fact fake because we still feel like masters of the Earth.

So what is the role of man and how does he imagine his place, do we know what the ecological disaster is about? Do we know how to write about it? To what extent does it change our consciousness? Does the ecological catastrophe translate into a crisis of the imagination? What legacy do we leave behind?

The meeting was broadcasted live on the ICC Facebook profile and hosted by Paulina Małochleb.

Julia Fiedorczuk – poet, translator, writer, literary critic involved in popularizing the concept of "eco-poetics". She received the award of the Polish Society of Book Publishers for her debut November on the Narew River. She is also a laureate of the Austrian Hubert Burda Prize (2005), awarded for poems from the Bio volume published in the "Manuskripte" journal.

Critics sometimes compare her with Wisława Szymborska. This is because of the poet's tendency to express herself in a general way, the cold, ironic and distanced language, and the specific sensitivity with which she relates not only to humans, but also to other living creatures.

Filip Springer – translator of architecture and collector of visual absurdities. Scholarship holder of the National Cultural Center, the Ryszard Kapuściński "Herodot" Foundation and the City of Warsaw, nominated for the most important literary awards in Poland.

He is not a typical reporter. He is a journalist who makes macro portraits. He writes in a similar way as he photographs, rather in general, from a distance, looking for metaphors and understanding.

Paulina Małochleb –  literary critic and researcher, until July 2020, secretary of the Wisława Szymborska Award. Author of the book Rewriting a History About Literature devoted to the January Uprising. Winner of the Prime Minister's Award 2014. Runs the blog ksiazkinaostro.pl

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