Kraków i Lwów w cywilizacji europejskiej
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Date of issue: 2005
Volume: 25 x 17,5 cm
Cover: paperback
Pages: 244
ISBN 83-89273-26-8

Materials from the international conference held in November 2002. The papers included show the history and mutual relations of these two cities in a more interdisciplinary way and on various levels. Their authors not only evaluate the contribution of Krakow and Lviv to the development of the region's culture and civilisation but also discuss the predictable role of the old metropolises in the uniting Europe. An additional attraction is a transcript of the panel debates that closed the conference. Contributors include Y. Hrytsak, Y. Isayevych, J. M. Małecki, O. Matyukhina, A. Miłobędzki, J. Purchla, M. Ryabchuk, A. Woldan, J. Wyrozumski; and Z. Żygulski, and M. Bewz, W. Mokry, S. Obirek, A. Podraza, L. Unger, T. Voznyak, A. Zagajewski – panellists.

Polish version.
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