Hetman House
Hetman House — the house of kings

In the heart of Krakow #7

Why does the king need a palace in the city? How did a mediocre painter contribute to the maintenance of the building? What did Krakow, Prague and Zagreb have in common?

Located at the exit of Grodzka Street, the Hetman House is one of the oldest in the city. Its most representative part is the so-called Gothic hall. Built at the end of the reign of Casimir the Great, it has a Gothic cross vault with keystones, beautifully decorated with sculptures and coats of arms. Today it pleases the eyes of guests of one of Krakow's restaurants. Until recently, the tenement house was the seat of the Hetman bookshop - one of the first places in Krakow where books could not only be bought, but also read.

Hetman House

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