HERITO, No 21: Galicia after Galicia

HERITO, No 21: Galicia after Galicia

The artificial product of Austrian diplomacy – which stayed on the maps for 150 years and has not existed now for a century – leads a specific life after life: it is an important point of reference not only for citizens of contemporary Poland or Ukraine but also for many descendants of Central Europe who now live in the United States or Western Europe. For Galicia is rather not a place but a lens which focuses specific relations between time and space.

The newest issue of Herito tries to grasp this phenomenon: it gathers the most important contributions from the conference that accompanied The Myth of Galicia exhibition in Krakow, as well as articles of authors who aimed at portraying contemporary Ukraine: its culture and society that often looks to the Galician past in order to find answers for the question about the future in difficult times.

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