Czynciel House — Wyspiański takes a look

In the heart of Krakow #5

For many years the townhouse located near the former St. Mary’s cemetery - until the late 18th century a burial ground for many generations of Krakow’s citizens - was known under the name Barszczowe. This was not a reference to one of Poland’s favourite soups, but to the name of Józef Bartsch, a merchant and owner of the house. Its later name - Czyncielówka - refers to Józef Czynciel, who took over the property after the great fire of the city in 1850.

It became famous as a longterm house of Stanisław Wyspiański. Here, looking through his window onto the Main Square, he wrote Wesele. This picturesque house near St. Mary’s Basilica brings us back to the period of Young Poland and to the city’s turbulent history in the 19th century.

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