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ArtCoMe. Art and Contemporary Me.
Artwork as a medium building European identity
How have the views of the Czechs, Slovaks, Poles and Hungarians developed and changed over the last ten years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire? What shape did they take in the first years of the existence of the newly created nation states? What was the role of art in these historic events? Those are some of the topics addressed in the course of this two-year-long project.

The international project entitled "ArtCoMe. Art and Contemporary Me. Artwork as a medium building European identity" connected students from four partner cities – Olomouc, Krakow, Bratislava and Pécs – to answer the question of how young people today perceive the art of Central European avant-garde and the identity built upon its base.

"ArtCoMe" was an educational project based on cooperation between students, professionals, teachers and museum educators. It was created to facilitate the establishment of intercultural dialogue based on a common European heritage. Its purpose was to break the boundaries between amateur and professional art.

The project consisted of:

  • international educational program for students and teachers,
  • exhibition "Years of Disarray: Art of the Avant-Garde in Central Europe 1908–1928",
  • international conference,
  • publication,
  • national educational program.

The most important part of the project comprised three meetings of secondary school students, held in 2018–2020, following the "Years of Disarray: Art of the Avant-garde in Central Europe 1908–1928" exhibition organised by the Museum of Art in Olomouc, in cooperation with the Gallery of the City of Bratislava, the International Cultural Centre in Krakow and the Museum Janus Pannonius in Pécs. The final meetings, planned to take place in March 2020 in Pécs, did not take place due to COVID-19. Instead, the students organised virtual exhibitions on selected topics. The exhibitions are available to view:
virtual exhibitions.

Watch video recordings that summarise the project.

- ArtCoMe: connecting cultures
- ArtCoMe:  for all generations

- ArtCoMe:  collaboration 

- ArtCoMe:  creativity

- ArtCoMe:  meeting point

The project was organised in partnership with the Mikołaj Rej VII Private Secondary School in Krakow.

More information about the project:

We also invite you to watch a short movie about the project.

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