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2021 – 2025


Odesa. The Long 20th Century in Art” (album towarzyszący wystawie)
HERITO, no. 53 “Concrete” 
Natalia Starczenko, “Ukrainian Worlds of Polish Republic

HERITO, no. 51-52 “Healthy places” 

Natalia Starczenko, “Ukrainian Worlds of Polish Republic


Heritage Academy 2014-2020. Overview of research problems in the field of management and protection of cultural heritage in Poland

“ Jarosław Hrycak, “Ukraine. Overcoming the past: the global history of Ukraine” 
Lithuania. Two Centuries of Photography” exhibition catalogue
Lech Kończak, “Tbilisi. About Georgia, people and artworks

HERITO, no. 49: “Kharkiv

HERITO, no. 50: “The Oder


Travelling Images. Małgorzata Mirga-Tas” (exhibition catalogue)

Unwanted capital. Architecture and urban planning in Krakow during the German occupation of 1939–1945(exhibition catalogue)

Homing. Włodzimierz Puchalski(exhibition catalogue)

Art in uniform. The War Graves Department in Krakow 1915-1918(exhibition catalogue)

Joseph Rykwert, “The Seduction of Place. The History and Future of the City

HERITO, no. 45: “Europe on a Plate

HERITO, no. 46–47: “Spirit of Georgia

HERITO, no. 48: “Romani Culture in Central Europe



„Yearly of the International Cultural Centre”, nr 30 (2021)

Ukraine. A different angle on neighbourhood” (exhibition catalogue)

Sharon Macdonald, Memorylands. About Heritage and Identity in Contemporary Europe”, edited by Jacek Purchla and Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik

Egidio Ivetic, The Adriatic. The Sea and Its Civilization”, edited by Jacek Purchla

Heritage and Environment. The 5th Heritage Forum of Central Europe”, joint publication: Robert Kusek, Jacek Purchla, Agata Wąsowska‑Pawlik (academic editing)

HERITO, no. 41: “Belarus

HERITO, no. 42–43: “Invisible Places

HERITO, no. 44: “Austria



Egidio Ivetic, The Adriatic. The Sea and Its Civilization”, edited by Jacek Purchla

Charter for mega-events in heritage-rich cities

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