1000 Treasures of Krakow
1000 Treasures of Krakow is a research project realised in collaboration with and on commission from the Municipality of Krakow. The project is planned for three years (2016–18) and seeks to provide a fresh perspective on the city’s cultural heritage, addressing its recent history and newest research findings. Its objective is to identify Krakow’s most valuable monuments, on the basis of a research in the city’s public collections (museums, libraries, archives), as well as those maintained by the church institutions and private owners. The titular treasures are objects that have played an important cultural role in the city’s history, in many cases illustrating its significant events and non-material aspects. Their ideological significance often comes with high artistic value. The monuments selected by the team of experts reflect the city’s and its citizens’ artistic, intellectual, and civilisational achievements across time.

The project culminates in a book publication addressed to a wide group of readers. It was conceived as a publication with universal purpose: written by specialists working in professional academic and museum environments, it is designed as an educational work that promotes the knowledge of the city. Its additional advantage comes from its luxurious editorial aspect, which, combined with the educational value, will make it an attractive asset for the city’s promotional strategy.

The first stages of the project commenced in the summer of 2016, when a scientific committee was appointed – a group gathering directors of Krakow’s major museum institutions, academics, and representatives of the city’s Department of Culture and National Heritage. This team proposed a list of objects that should be included in the planned publication. During several workshop sessions the team formulated the criteria for the monument selection, defined the leading narrative model and its nature, as well as divided the material collected into epochs limited by specific timeframes. The submitted proposals were reviewed to create a long list of objects, which was successively completed and verified during consecutive meetings. 

The year 2017 was marked by additional research, further formulation of lists, selection of entries, and identification of objects significant in respect to the narrative of the city. Two meetings of the scientific committee (in January and March) concluded with a developed publication structure. Numerous meeting of editors brought, in turn, a development of the concept for texts addressing widely understood culture and their complementing historical essays. A team of authors was assigned to each part; they dedicated the summer months to writing their texts. The second part of the year was devoted to text revisions and editing of submitted materials. At the same time, selected objects were photographed for the publication. 

The next stage of the project will involve further production of photographic material, translation of texts, editing and proofreading of the Polish and English versions of the book, its graphic design and typesetting of both editions. The launch of both language versions is planned for autumn 2018. 

Dr. Joanna Ziętkiewicz-Kotz
project editor for 1000 Treasures of Krakow
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