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Menagerie is an extraordinary anthology of animal portraits and fairy tales in which the illustration is as important as the text. The poems, witty comments and interesting parables by Maciej Byliniak are joined by animals painted, drawn, carved and embroidered by Polish artists over the past 200 years.
This unique dialogue of animals - among themselves and the dialogue of cultural fields, we have now presented in light, miniature animations. Four stories surprise, amuse and move, and at the same time encourage people to learn about the diversity of Polish artistic heritage. They invite children and adults to a surprising walk through the world of nature and art.

The heroes from Menagerie were voiced by a unique group of teachers. Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik, the director of the ICC, tells a story about a smart mouse and three cats. Michał Rusinek, a literary scholar, writer and translator, wonders if the horse really is as everyone sees it. Justyna Nowicka, cultural editor of Radio Krakow, talks about the unusual collection of animals of the old woman - former fairies. Łukasz Galusek, the ICC deputy program director, reads a story to the pillow, about dog dreams.

The animations were created in the Weird Gentlemen studio, and the animals were brought to life with finesse and humor by Łukasz Podolak. The music was composed by Kamil Kukla.

The animation uses fragments from the book Menagerie, published by ICC Publishing House and Dwie Siostry Publishing House, on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

Text: Maciej Byliniak
Graphic design: Ewa Stiasny
Cooperation: Karolina Grabarczyk-Chochołek

The publication was recognized as one of the five most beautiful books of 2018 in the "Pióro Fredry" competition organized by the Wrocław House of Literature.

Animation in Polish.

Episode 1. Three cats and a mouse

Episode 2. What is the horse like?

Episode 3. Collection

Episode 4. Dog dreams

Thank you for the opportunity to animate the works from collection:

National Library in Warsaw

Philumenist Museum in Bystrzyca Kłodzka

The Print Room of the University Library in Warsaw

Museum of Opole Silesia in Opole

Ethnographic Museum in Krakow

Poster Museum in Wilanów

National Museum in Wrocław

Piotr Młodożeniec

Museum of Warsaw

Helena Stiasny

Olga Drenda

National Museum in Krakow

National Museum in Warsaw

Sculpture Park in Królikarnia

Agra-Art Auction House

District Museum in Toruń

The Palace in Kurozwęki

Art & Design Foundation Lubomir Tomaszewski

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