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18 August

18 August (Thursday), at 9 p.m., duration: 1 h 33 min

“Gunda”, 2020, dir. Viktor Kossakovsky, USA / Norway

The documentary presents the everyday life of animals living on the farm: the pig Gunda and her companions – two cows and a one-legged chicken. “Gunda” is a portrait of farm animals shot with unprecedented empathy. The outstanding documentary filmmaker Viktor Kossakovsky, the first vegetarian of the USSR, as he calls himself, placed the camera at the eye level of his protagonists. The director chose slow observation. He gave up music and colour, opening the interpretation to the viewer. However, after the screening, it is impossible not to think about our own attitude towards industrial breeding of animals and meat consumption. Kossakovsky opens up a perspective of an interspecies encounter that shifts all boundaries.


The film does not contain dialogues.


Tickets are available from 11 August 2022, from 11 a.m. on the Evenea portal (https://app.evenea.pl/event/kino-4/) and from 16 August at the Gallery ticket office.

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